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xxxx Fiat 500 Coupe. The car shows no sign of ever having been in an accident and panel fit is consistent and excellent throughout. All Brightwork is as-new, the glass is perfect, and the car rides on nicely restored cream-coloured wheels shod with good tires. The odometer reads 54,226 km (33,600 miles) and from looking at the tell-tale parts of the car, believe that it could be original mileage. The fantastically stylish rosso interior with bianco accents was fully refurbished and remains in excellent condition throughout. Dash, carpets and panels are all excellent, and the seats are unmarked, and feel fresh, new and comfortable. The car is simply a blast to drive! The rebuilt two-cylinder engine starts easily, idles perfectly and offers great, responsive power from all of its 500cc! It accelerates well by even modern eco-box standards and will happily cruise at freeway speeds. The 4-speed shifts perfectly through an excellent clutch. It feels bright and eager to run.Brakes are great, as is the light and balanced steering, and the suspension has no untoward creaks or squeaks. It handles as well as any Italian car should. All electrical systems work perfectly and a brand new battery was just installed.